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Script Code Highlighter (Geshi) ()


Script Code Highlighter (Geshi) ()

Geshi Highlighter for Joomla was removed from core plugins after release of the Joomla 3.1 version. It was a necessary plugin for the developers. As a developer myself I needed it extensively to highlight the codes. This plugin will definitely be helpful to all developers who can use this plugin to highlight the codes and it supports all the languages that is supported by Geshi. Check the details here.


  • Script Code Highlighter 1.1.2
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    0 #3 sweta ray 2015-12-01 18:22
    Friends if there is any issue kindly use the forum. Comment section has some issues and we were not receiving mails on comments. Extremely sorry for that. Also @Fan and @Joomla341user there is a latest version available you can download and check for yourself.
    0 #2 Fan 2015-09-29 17:26

    This plugin is a great idea !
    I followed the indications to install it :
    • Enable plugin
    • Enable button plugin
    • Add "pre
    • " in the valid elements (i have 2 boxes named 'valid elements', none 'extended' one)

    And : ...
    > when I add tags with classes manually there is no result, only the css of the template is displaying
    > when I use the button the window that appears only contains 'Hello World' without any command.

    Thanks for your help !
    0 #1 joomla341user 2015-06-26 11:27
    hey there, I'm trying to use your highlighter on my joomla 3.4.1 site (default editor: none) but it just doesn't work (no highlighting). is this version not compatible with joomla 3.4.1?

    i've double checked that the plugins (highlighter + button) are published and followed your installation instructions (on http://scriptplaza.com/component/content/article/97-latest-news/12-test.html?Itemid=101)

    I insert code to highlight via CODE comes here

    can you help me?
    thank you very much!

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